Hi! My name is Brian Riordan, and I love water polo! I live in Chicago, Illinois. I've just completed my freshman year at Loyola Academy. It was fun. I had never played polo before this year, so I was very nervous when tryouts came. I fell in love with the game immediately. My family and friends asked why I liked it if it was so hard. Sure there was a lot of work, but it was worth it. I was picked to be a starter in the first game! We started out the season very well. But, nobody is perfect. We lost some in the games in the season, including the games in the CCL championships. Later, we finished third at the New Trier Tournement. Not bad. Our varsity squad placed fifth a state, too. Now, for the summer, I'm playing for the Chicago Apostles Polo Team. We're planning to attend the Junior Olympics in July.

Thank you for visiting my Water Polo Page. I hope you enjoyed it! If you dont already play I hope you decide to soon. Please e-mail me your comments or suggestions at icypolo@hotmail.com. Good luck! NWO-4-LIFE

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